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Traditional photo albums and consumer home movies pale in comparison to a Family Birthday or History Video.

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Birthday Reel
Birthday Party Coverage

A Family Birthday or History Video preserves your loved one's voice,  their smile, gestures, their life and times as they experienced and lived it. Most importantly, it provides  a wealth of family details, history, humor, the telling of long-lost  stories  for future generations to know and love.
As a licensed and insured video production company, you can count on Today Video Productions LLC for professional video productions, no "home movie" shakes, poor audio and out of focus scenes. 
Your life's story is unique and interesting, and should be documented
We have the  expertise in asking unique and insightful questions during the video interview that help
bring back the past as
if it were only yesterday.
We record video in our customer’s own home in their favorite room or chair. We record your personal stories on video in an attractive, informative and entertaining way.
A Family Legacy Video can cover multiple generationsOur staff is flexible and will work with you and your family to make your Family History Video and interview process as comfortable as possible.
Let us produce your
video memories of birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, graduations and memories as they
 occurred, preserving them for future enjoyment.
Indie Film Production
Want to produce your own independent film production or want to see that screen play you wrote made into a movie. Today Video Productions can help you produce that screen play, or help make your movie. We are capable of doing small film productions, we have the cameras, audio, lights and related gear for indepemdemt film making. Talk to us about your dream production.
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Lean Times
Florida Independent Filmmakers - 2013 Spring ProjectA post-apocalyptic film about vengeance, the depths we will sink to in order to survive, and the consequences of losing our humanity.Starring Ro...
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Do I Remember
Do you remember your first kiss?
 Large production or small, Today Video Productions LLC, will capture your special event and preserve it on video DVD for your entertainment pleasure at your leisure.

Please call or email to discuss your
video production vision.
Today Video Productions LLC
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Licensed and Insured 
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